Dependant – dir. Phil Sheerin

Escape / Creative England


Nachtshade – dir. Shady El-Hamus

The Rogues / Netherlands Film Fund


Diagnosis – dir. Eva Riley

Elation / BBC Films


Jamie – Christopher Manning

Jamie, a quiet loner in his early twenties, is clumsily looking for his first relationship. Shy and lacking self-confidence, his past experiences with men have yielded disappointing results. One Sunday, he meets Ben. As they spend the afternoon together, Jamie begins to wonder if he has finally met his match.


The Last Time – dir Christine Hooper

One woman’s struggle to stub out love’s flame.

Short comedy film using mixture of back projections, in-camera techniques and animation.


Balcony – dir. Toby Fell-Holden

Charlotte Beaumont / Genevieve Dunne
In a neighborhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent immigrant who is the victim of prejudice and shame.

balcony pic


GROUP B – dir. Nick Rowland

Richard Madden/ Michael Smiley
It is 1986, the peak of high-octane Group B rally driving. Known for its incredibly dangerous off-road races, notorious for lack of crowd control, and some of the most powerful and sophisticated cars the world has ever seen, this is the golden era of rallying. Rally driver Shane Hunter is facing his comeback to Group B competition after a long and troubled absence.

SLAP – dir. Nick Rowland

Joe Cole/ Elliott Tittensor/ Skye Lourie/ Stephen Bent/ Adam Craigmile

Co-written & directed by ‘BAFTA New Talent’ nominated and Royal Television Society award winning director Nick Rowland, ‘Slap’ is an original coming-of-age drama about the struggles of a young boxer who secretly likes to cross-dress.

Taking place in the English wastelands left by the economic downturn, ‘Slap’ is an exploration of teenage masculinity in the modern age. Told with grit, honesty and warmth, the film explores the point at which society, gender, sexuality and sheer stubbornness intersect, forcing our hero to fight in order to stay afloat in the world he used to rule.


SICK – dir. David Winstone

Bethany Muir/ Graham O’Mara/ Danielle Henry
Ellie’s world starts to unravel after her baby is hospitalised with a mysterious illness.


Pawel the Polish mouse goes to the moon – dir. Pawel Stec
Pawel The Polish Mouse has a dream to go to the Moon. The only person to help him build a rocket is John, his human friend. The dream comes true, but leaves Pawel The Polish Mouse with a slight disappointment.


The Last Hand – dir. David Winstone

Richard Dillane, Jody Latham, Andrew Ellis
The Last Hand is a modern western about John, a former Police Officer now struggling with Motor neuron disease, who finds himself in a showdown with a sadistic robber.