Almost Heaven
dir. Carol Salter

17-year-old Ying Ling is far from home, preparing for her exams at one of China’s largest funeral homes. An intimate documentary portrait that offers a respectful glimpse of the fears, friendships and joys of a woman approaching adulthood.



Polish Go Home
dir. Elena Andreicheva

“Polish Go Home” is an unorthodox migration story about a troubled character trying to find his place in the world. Sleeping rough in London, sometime Polish jobseeker Kuba is running away from the responsibility of family life in Poland – and a difficult past. This film follows his journey back to Poland to face the problems he left behind, in search of an elusive place to call home.


A Syrian Love Story
dir. Sean McAllister

Funded by the BBC & BFI and Filmed over 5 years, A Syrian Love Story is an award winning documentary that charts an incredible odyssey to political freedom. For Raghda and Amer, it is a journey of hope, dreams and despair: for the revolution, their homeland and each other.

Esta Vida – This Life
dir. Lyttanya Shannon

An unflinching portrayal of the struggles faced by a group of young girls whose lives are plagued by sexual exploitation, in the rural town of Medina, Brazil. They’re helped by Rita, a social worker and mother figure who works at a project called Meninadança. She uses dance to empower the girls in an attempt to reclaim their lost youth. Together they courageously face the harsh realities of life, while hoping for a better future.

Perfection is Forever
dir. Mara Trifu

A tree is what it is, complete in its own being. Human beings, on the other hand, always aspire to become something more, doing their best to hold back time in pursuit of eternal youth and beauty.

When Mountains And Animals Will Speak
dir. Mara Trifu

It’s said that animals can always sense threat and disaster. In the small Romanian village Rosia Montana, animals become more and more anxious as strange sounds take over the mountains and forests. We are in the heart of Transylvania, in a place also known by the name of “New Eldorado” – Europe’s richest gold deposit. The powerful Canadian corporation Gabriel Resources is about to create EU’s largest cyanide open-pit gold mine here, in the heart of the Carpathian garden. “When Mountains and Animals Will Speak”, shows in a poetic light the battle of Romanian villagers against the most controversial gold mining project in Europe.

Here We Are
dir. Grace Harper-Brighouse

A group of young men carry a coffin into a crematorium. Each of them unprepared by their youth to carry the body of their dead friend. Each of their lives changed forever by his death. What has he left behind in each of them? How does he live on even though he is no longer alive?
Made by his sister in the immediate aftermath of his death, Here We Are explores life, love, death and memory through a poem made from a sister to her brother.